The £4.00 annual subscription paid by our members is used to cover our limited overheads and to finance maintenance to the woodland and the furniture therein.  Where possible this is supplemented by monies from the landowner, the council or a charity specific to our needs.

Our limited overheads include the annual insurance premium (to cover members and anyone co-opted to assist in work parties against injury and third party claims), limited postage and the hire of the Booker Memorial Hall for our bi-monthly committee meetings and AGM.

We also maintain a separate fighting fund.  This was initially set up to fend off the application for a motorway service station, but has remained as a financial pool for any other encroachment on our ‘patch’. We don’t actively request donations to this account but we are very pleased that many members continue to give money specifically for this use.

To get the most out of all our subscriptions we encourage our members who are taxpayers to participate in Gift Aid. This costs nothing but allows the society to claim an additional 25p for every £1 donated.

In recent years we have taken over a third fund that is specifically used to cover the cost of cutting the grass. This money is not under the control of the society nor is it included in our assets. We simply maintain the pool and make it available to those who have participated in the fund.

Details of the society’s finances are reported at the AGM and can be made available to any member who wishes to see them.