Thanks to Hughes and Salvidge who supplied the material and equipment, and Wayne who did the work, closure of the access used by the travellers to get on to the common has now been completed.


Thanks to a local resident a large pile of earth now fills the gap that was used by the travellers to access the common.

This will be smoothed over and become a permanent barrier as part of the existing bund.


A special thanks to the small band of local residents who were up early on Thursday Morning clearing rubbish left by the travellers. A fantastic effort and a job well done.

Thanks also to the Council who collected it the same day.


Thanks to the Police , our local Councillors and the Estate the Common has been reclaimed from the travellers who broke in and set up camp last Thursday.

Now we just have to clean up the mess.

Dumped Car

The remains of a burned out car dumped on the edge of the Triangle

If anyone has any information about who is responsible for this please contact the police

Disposing of ‘dog waste’….

Please dispose of dog waste in the bins and not in the bushes…

We appreciate dog owners who pick up after their dog but not when the bags are then thrown in the bushes.  Behind the bench near the Coronation trees there were more than 30 plastic bags of dog mess, hanging in the bushes that our volunteers had to deal with !!

Burned out scooter

A part of the litter pick a few strong volunteers with hacksaws and wheelbarrows have picked up the burned out scooter that was dumped in the woods and moved it ready for collection by the Council. Thank you gentlemen.

Autumn Clean-up

Thank you to everyone who turned out to help with the litter pick this weekend especially our youngest volunteers who came in their splendid Halloween costumes.

Litter free woods are not only more enjoyable but are also safer for everyone to walk or play in.

J & J Volunteers

Thanks to a great group of volunteers from Johnson & Johnson who helped us to clear the Triangle this year.

Working very hard…

Almost done..

The results speak for themselves..









Essential Tree Work – April 9th to 13th

West Wycombe Estate have advised us that essential tree work will be taking place along Lane End Road (see map) from Rydal Way to Horns Lane and then carrying on, on the Spring Coppice side up to Grove Farm.  Their contractors, Wessex Woodland, will be carrying out the work with Estate staff and there will be traffic lights in place whilst the work is in progress.