Restoring the Information Board

At the end of April after 5 years in the ground the base of the Information Board on the corner of the common had rotten causing it to fall.

Thanks to our volunteers it has now been replaced using two concrete posts which will keep it in place for many years to come.

Footpath 112

Public footpath 112/1, which runs through the woods connecting horns lane to Lane End Road had become completely overgrown and impassable.

Thanks to our volunteers it has now been reopened and we hope it will be well used.

Wild Flowers

In 2014 a small area of the common was seeded with wild flowers and by 2016 it was flourishing.

Work has now begun to expand this area which will not only bring more colour but will attract bees, butterflies and other insects to the common.

Information panel returned

Thanks to a local resident who spotted it behind a bush the information panel that had been removed has been found. Fortunately the panel was undamaged so with a new backing board we have been able to return it to its rightful position.

New Handrails

Hand rails have been constructed and installed by E&R Meakes of Lane End at the crossing point on Horns lane opposite the public footpath .

Unfortunately crossing the road is still difficult and potentially dangerous due to the bends in the road and the speed of some drivers who use the lane but the hand rails should make this well used footpath a little safer and more accessible.

The completed handrails have been fully tested….

Vandalism !

One of the Information panels has been removed by mindless vandals. Why anyone would want to do this is a mystery as it is of no use to anyone other than the users of the common. We will replace the board but this will be a significant expense that will take funds away from other work that could be done on the common.

The work of mindless vandals

AGM Cancellation

The continuing restrictions due to Covid-19 will once again prevent us from holding our AGM in the normal way. In accordance with the latest advice from the Charity Commission, we have therefore decided to cancel the 2021 AGM. We considered the option of a remote meeting, but on balance decided that this would not be a practical alternative.

We must however continue to follow the rules of the society which include the election of committee members and officers for the coming year and an annual report of our accounts. The AGM is also a time when we ask for new volunteers to join our committee.

Committee membership

There has been one change to the committee since last year. Sophia Hobbs, stood down and one new member, Ian Evans volunteered to take her place. He was therefore co-opted as a new committee member.

Given the current circumstances the existing committee members will be reappointed for a further year.  In addition, to avoid the need for a formal vote, any new volunteers who wish to join this year will be co-opted by the committee.

We know that two members will be leaving this year as they are relocating out of the area, so please let us know if you would be interested in volunteering to replace them and join our committee.

Annual Accounts

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, doorstep collection of subscriptions was suspended.  However, a substantial number of members paid subscriptions and made additional donations by bank transfer. Also thanks to a nomination by Wycombe Wanderers, the Society received a significant donation from The Football Association, .

This covered our annual running costs (primarily the cost of keeping the grass cut and public liability insurance) and as a result the society remains financially heathy.

A report of our accounts has been prepared in the usual way by our treasurer, Phil Stagg. 

We hope you agree with and support our decision to cancel the AGM. Assuming restrictions are removed we will consider holding a GM later in the year. This will be reviewed at our committee meetings, currently being held remotely.

If you have any concerns about our decision to cancel the AGM please let our secretary ( and chair ( know.

Thank you for your continuing support.